Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost Two, but not quite!

A few weeks ago I wanted to give Carina a little break so I took Lute for the afternoon. It was the last day he was going to be one, and you know what they say about two, so I wanted to have him while he wasn't terrible. When I had asked to take him, I was thinking we might have a sunny day...silly me! It turned out to be cold and windy. I had no idea what to do with the little guy - so I headed to the mall - thinking we could at least walk around and be warm.

Oh! The time we had! It was so much FUN! Well, anything I do with Lute is fun...anything! He's a blast.

After we played in the little playground, he needed yogurt, so we started on our trek to find some. Only problem was that I had forgotten the stroller. So, it took awhile to get anywhere, but that was OK...until he got tired walking. "Hold you gra-ma!" Boy, did my arms get a work-out that day. Oh, did I happen to mention we went to the biggest mall in Washington? And, to get to the yogurt place we had to go up the escalator (his favorite part) and down at least a mile, or what seemed like a mile anyway.

I'm not sure if he really liked his yogurt though- what do you think?

After the yogurt, we headed back down the escalator (his favorite part) to the Rainforest Cafe. He loves the alligator. And, he thinks all the toys in the little store are to play with, so that was fun. The sales lady kept asking us if we were finding everything OK...Yes, he sure was. He was finding, and touching, and grabbing EVERYTHING.

I was trying to teach him how to throw money - he probably thought I was nuts.

Then we did his most favorite thing...the thing he had been wanting to do since we first stepped foot in the mall...GET A COOKIE???? I would have never gotten away with this if his mother had been that made it even more fun. Sinfully fun.
And I let him pick out whichever cookie he wanted...and of course it had to have 'sfrinkles'.
OH...see here how he is now in a stroller? Yeah...once I trekked from one side of the mall to the other and up the escalator and down the escalator and back to the other side, I saw they rented strollers. I have no idea why I hadn't thought of this earlier, like in the previous 5 miles.

Wow, did we have a blast or what! I know just what he's thinking here...'my gra-ma is the bomb..."