Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life's Roller Coasters...

I'm just sure this was the roller coaster I was on today...it had to be...do you see all those ups and downs and round and rounds? Yep...this is the one!

Life can sure be funny sometimes, can't it? I hope that the rest of 2009 is not anything like the past few days we've had. Is this a test? I hope it's over and I hope I passed.

I said to my husband tonight..."I just want everybody's life to be easy". Oh, I do know it could be a LOT worse. A LOT worse. But, us moms don't like to see our kids struggle. Whether they are 2 or 12 or 23 or 30. We hate to see them struggle and we hate to see them unhappy, and we hate it when life throws them curveballs. I guess when we signed up for this 'mom' thing, we signed up for the bad as well as all the happiness and joy they bring. And, they do bring me a lot of joy. Really they do.

There was a lot of joy in today as well. I got to spend the day with Stacy...she took me to lunch, we went to UW to figure out her financial aid, we went to get her emissions tested (yes, even that was fun!), we went to Target, and then we went to have Pho. That was my first Pho.
And it was YUMMY. And we were just having a really good time and she was excited about starting her classes tomorrow and everything was set. And then I started home. And before I even got home she called...

And everything had changed. She didn't get the one classe she wanted/needed which means she doesn't get her financial aid because she has to have at least 6 credits to get any help. She can't get 6 credits because all the classes she needs are full. She only has 5 credits. SO NOW EVERYTHING IS A MESS. I told her it would all work out somehow, and that maybe it was a good thing she was only going to have one class instead of two. I mean, she does work full time and she does have a social life which I know she won't give up. So, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

But, it made me feel bad. And I didn't like the descent from the top of that roller coaster to the bottom...but, this too shall pass...I'm sure.

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  1. One of my favorite quotes is from Dr Phil, he says every mother is as happy as her saddest child. Oh my...that is so true! I too ride the roller coaster with my children. Can you imagine having six children?! Hope things smooth out for you and yours soon.