Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's turning TWO!

Lute is turning TWO next weekend. I can hardly believe it. This is probably the last picture I'll post of him while he's still only a year old. Oh, I just love this little guy! He brings me such joy! He says the funniest things now...what a crack up...being a grandma is the BEST!
And, I'm so proud of my daughter and son-in-law. They are such great, great parents. I have the BEST family!


  1. OhOh,you've heard of the terrible two's??? Not him because he looks too much like a little angel. He is a little cutie.

    I had joined a lot of people as a follower and the Blogger outfit did something weird. I lost some of my followers and now I have discoverd I have been dumped from some of the ones I had joined. I rejoined. It was an accident. Honest Injun.Not my fault. LOL

  2. Whew...I almost made that appt with Dr. Phil. That would have been something to see...

    "grandma dumps insecure blogger on the next Dr. Phil....

  3. LOL. Dr Phil here I come.

    Thanks for the visits to my blog.