Friday, December 26, 2008

Robyn's Randoms

I'm not too sure about this blog thing. I mean, do I really want people to read about my thoughts? I guess I do.

We had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas day, in spite of everything. In spite of the snow, in spite of the family arguments, in spite of everything.

For those of you who don't live here, snow in Western Washington is a rarity. Not this year though. This year made up for lost time. Which created havoc. But only when it came to driving. The hustle and bustle of Christmas came to a halt and was replaced by a Christmas preparation panic. People didn't know how they would ever finish shopping - but I think they all did and everything, as usual, was wonderful. At least in my family it was. After the last one to arrive, Stacy, was here. Then we knew everything was good, and right, and complete.

We were really wondering, even to the last minute, if she would make it. There was panic, there were tears, but she got here, safe and sound. Tired though, after having to get up at 3:30 to go to work. WHO NEEDS COFFEE FROM A COFFEE STAND AT 5:00 a.m. ON CHRISTMAS DAY???? I think only a mom who spent the night with her daughter so she could drive said daughter to work through the ice and snow. Oh, and I think one other random person. Anyway, I digress. She made it.

Here's a picture of our little guy, who made Christmas so special for us. We had gone a few years, OK, lots of years, with no kiddos around to bring the magic of a child's Christmas to our hearts. But, he's here now. Meet Lute.

OK, two pictures. How could I resist? And, while I am at it, I want to put in pictures of his wonderful parents, Carina and Nick, and then I simply must start putting my house back together. Because, my husband will be home soon.


  1. Robyn, wow I did not realize how much I missed all of you until I saw your blog. Can you do me a favor and give your beautiful daughter Stacy a hug for me-I miss her...She is in my prayers often. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Take care and I am so happy that you have a blog so that I can keep up with your family. Love, Julie

  2. Oh Robyn, Thank you so much for the help. And I am soooo sorry you do not feel well. Where I work at Veronica House here in STL that is as they say 'going around". I am praying for your good health right now....In Jesus name. Amen.

    I love looking at your family. Of course Christmas is fun with little ones. Lute is adorable. How precious is he??!!! I know you are having a ball at being Grandma. I sure would be too. You are a wonderful Mom and only mothers who truly love their kids would go through snow like you have, sleet, rain, ice storms...hey it sounds like we are mail people...oh yah, we are because we deliver!!!! Anyway, you are on my favorites list. I sure am glad you chose me. I have to ask Andrew to help me with this things.
    Oh yes, do want to tell you, yesterday I was thinking of my far away prodigal and it was as though God said to call her. She had called me while I was getting report at work the day before and just complained,as usual. Anyway, I did call her, she was complaining that she had one day off which was yesterday and made plans with someone and that had fallen, no return call from the friend. Now, Laura is a faithful friend...on the other hand her friends aren't that good at friendship as she is and she told me she was angry, her usual feeling. I got a chance to listen and then say something remarkable..she didn't get annoyed with me and it was a good conversation. Praise be to God.
    Oh yes, I am dal8901 in case you are wondering, deb, andrew laura and code number. I will change it to something else. Thanks for inviting me into you life. Stay in bed, take ice chips, rest, whatever to make you better. Deb

  3. I am so thankuful for your beautiful blog. Like Juls said it is so nice to keep updated on your growing family. Please give everyone hugs and kisses. Also will you give Stac and extra big one from me.
    Love you all,
    Cindy Orcutt

  4. Yea!!! I am so glad you have a blog. I will have to put you on my blog roll. It is nice to see your family and see what you are up to. I so wanted to go to the ballet! Lucky you!