Friday, February 13, 2009

I see London...I see France...

I took my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson to the airport the other day. They decided to make a quick, spur-of-the-moment trip to Europe. Who does that? Certainly not me. My husband thinks going to Seattle (30 miles from us) is something you need to plan at least a week for. I mean, after-all, that's a 'trip'. And, you don't just go on a trip without preparing. You know, you have to map out the quickest route. You have to find out what the weather will be like. You know, all the important stuff.

A friend of my daughter is getting married this summer. They had thought about going over then but the tickets were way too expensive for summer travel. And, since Lute doesn't turn two until March, they didn't have to buy him a ticket. So, it made perfect sense. I think it would have made more sense if they had taken me, you know, to be a nanny. A granny-nanny. But, they talked their best friends into going with them with their two boys.

I hope they have a wonderful time. I hope they see everything beautiful and wonderful in London and France. After all, I live vicariously through them and I will want to hear every detail when they return home so I know exactly what London and France are like. I hope they go to the Louvre. And, I hope they have a glass of really good French wine. And, I hope Lute sees London Bridge and learns the song. Is there really even a London Bridge? I don't know!

Anyway, Carina, Nick, and Little Lutie...Je t'aime!