Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a plane...It's a train...It's a bus!

When Lute and I talked about his big European adventure, I was telling him about how exciting it was going to be because he got to go in an AIRPLANE!!!! And, I told him how fun it was going to be to get in the plane and go waaaaaaaayy up in the sky!

He looked at me...and clearly had something that could top an airplane...he told me he was going on a TRAIN! Which, by the sound of things was going to be way more exciting than an ol' airplane. Gee gra-ma, don't you know?

But, then he told me the most exciting thing...and that was...he was also going to go on a BUS!!!!! Which, according to Lute, tops any form of transportation on the planet. Except, of course, a bike.

Here's Lute, the day we gave him his very own 'bike'. The kid's a natural.
So Lute, this background is in your honor. Until it comes down.


  1. Oh so sweet he is! Olivia adores the bus as well and loves Friday at her day care home when a tumbling bus comes and the kids get to go on the bus and play.

  2. He is such a doll!! Mighty handsome Grandson you have on your hands there =) I hope he has the best adventure, ever =)